Top 10 Neuroscience Journals of 2020

The 10 best scientific journals in the field of neuroscience ranked according to the SCImago ranking system and the citation database Scopus.

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Whether you are in the process of preparing your research for publication or simply interested in exploring neuroscience literature, one of these top-ranking journals is likely to satisfy your needs. However, please note that our list encompasses “general” neuroscience journals and not those dedicated to a particular neuroscience sub-category, which some individuals prefer.

As a scientific discipline, neuroscience is quite far-reaching, ranging from cellular and molecular science to cognitive, behavioral, and developmental sciences that have their own dedicated journals. If you are looking for the best-ranked “general” journals from the field, then you should find this article helpful. While this article outlines current journal rankings in the field of neuroscience, we encourage you to visit each journal’s website, where you can learn about the editorial board of the journal, journal metrics including impact factor, and other useful details.

Here are the top 10 scientific journals in the field of Neuroscience ranked according to the scoring system of the research group SCImago, whose most recent rankings data is for the year 2019, and by the citation database Scopus.

SCImago Rankings (2019):

  1. Nature Reviews Neuroscience – Journal Ranking: 14.780
  2. Nature Neuroscience – Journal Ranking: 13.723
  3. Annual Review of Neuroscience – Journal Ranking: 10.311
  4. Neuron – Journal Ranking: 9.527
  5. EMBO Journal – Journal Ranking: 7.086
  6. eLife – Journal Ranking: 6.079
  7. Trends in Neurosciences – Journal Ranking: 4.871
  8. PLoS Biology – Journal Ranking: 4.488
  9. Current Opinion in Neurobiology – Journal Ranking: 4.380
  10. Current Biology – Journal Ranking: 3.958

Scopus Rankings:

  1. Nature Reviews Neuroscience – CiteScore: 38.5
  2. Nature Neuroscience – CiteScore: 32.2
  3. Neuron – CiteScore: 24.9
  4. Annual Review of Neuroscience – CiteScore: 19.6
  5. Trends in Neurosciences – CiteScore: 19.6
  6. Progress in Neurobiology – CiteScore: 18.0
  7. EMBO Journal – CiteScore: 16.4
  8. Current Biology – CiteScore: 13.8
  9. Neuroscientist – CiteScore: 11.3
  10. AJOB Neuroscience – CiteScore: 10.8

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