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Type 1 diabetes researchers from the Benaroya Research Institute.

T1D: CD8+ T Cell Subsets Associated with Clinical Response to Alefacept

Memory CD8+ T cell subsets were shown to be associated with the preservation of insulin production among Alefacept-treated type 1 diabetics.
A fluorescence microscopy image of cells.

Role Unearthed for CRELD1 in Immune Homeostasis During Aging

Researchers have found that the protein CRELD1 contributes to regulating immune homeostasis in aging mice and humans.
A woman jogging in the early morning.

Endurance Exercise Found to Influence PD-1 Expression by CD8+ T Cells

The scientists' discovery has implications for immune activity and could help to explain associations between exercise and general well-being.
Researchers working in a laboratory.

Exosome-Based Imaging-Guided Cancer Therapy Activates Immune Cells

Tumor-derived exosomes loaded with the photosensitizing pigment chlorin e6 permitted targeted chemotherapy and stimulated the immune system.
Scanning electron micrograph of a human neutrophil ingesting methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

Lipid-Laden Neutrophils Foster Breast Cancer Metastases in the Lungs

Jackson Laboratory researchers have found that lipid accumulation by neutrophils supports metastatic breast cancer development in the lungs.
Histology image of the intestinal wall.

T-Cell miRNA Profile Distinguishes IBD and Predicts Treatment Escalation

The microRNA expression profile in T-cells was found to distinguish IBD patients and predict the need for treatment escalation.
Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy image of neurons.

Newly Discovered Neutrophil Subset Reverses Permanent CNS Damage

Researchers discovered that a neutrophil subset promotes axon regeneration within the CNS and could be used to treat neurological damage.

Dendritic Cell Activation Found to Boost Efficacy of T Cell Immunotherapies

Australian researchers found that T cells engineered to express Flt3L overcame an important obstacle to the treatment of solid tumors.
A 3D reconstruction of the germinal center.

Germinal Center Reaction Found to be Orchestrated by Distinct FDC Niches

Swiss scientists have found that the function of follicular dendritic cells within germinal centers is influenced by their spatial position.
Regulatory T cells interacting with antigen presenting cells.

Regulatory T Cells Found to Promote the Development of CD8+ TRM T Cells

Portuguese researchers discovered that type 1 regulatory T cells increase the availability of TGF-beta to promote CD8+ TRM T cell generation.

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