Portfolio of Biotech Stocks (350 Companies)

Investing in biotechnology companies can be highly lucrative but is also, arguably, considerably more dangerous than engaging in other stock sectors. Many clinical-stage biotech companies are developing unique and potentially valuable technologies but do not yet have consistent income. Their valuations can skyrocket or plummet on a whim (though often material forces are involved). Whether on the path to being acquired, transforming into the next tech giant, dominating their niche, or perhaps even suspending operations, the 350 biotech stocks in this portfolio provide a relatively balanced overview of the biotechnology sphere.

The biotech stocks that we have compiled are publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ Exchange, ranging from micro-cap to mega-cap. The below table outlines all of the biotech stocks based on alphabetical order. We have provided links to the website of each company and also to dedicated pages with fundamentals and technical analysis data for many of the tickers. In particular, you can learn more about ImmunoBiotech companies and their upcoming catalysts on the ImmunoFrontiers ImmunoBiotech Viewspace. Note that the table can be sorted by clicking on headings and searched using the search bar.

Learn about the latest research in the fields of immunology and immuno-biotech.

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